It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL in South Carolina today! Perfect weather and sunshine. I was able to take some time before my yoga class this afternoon and soak it all in.

While I was outside, I started thinking about intentions. I also cue in my classes for students to set an intention for their practice. When I first started practicing yoga, this was usually a physical goal. “Today I will not skip vinyasas” or “today I will not faceplant in crow.”

Lately, my intentions have not been goals. They are more of states of being that I’m choosing to inhabit during my practice. Today, I shared my intention with my slow flow class.

My intention is to listen. So many times we listen to our heads instead of our bodies. This can lead to injury and can also inhibit our growth. Sometimes we remember what our bodies could do in the past instead of listening to what they need in the present moment.

Today, take time to listen to what your body is telling you. Back away from pain, but lean in to your edge. Challenge your body, but be kind and listen to it’s signals. Trust yourself and be your own guide during your practice.

Trust yourself. Listen. ♥️

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