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​I just completed an amazing Bend and Brew led by Rachel. Her pacing was perfect for me. I’m not a yoga girl, and I tend to get dizzy easily. The long stretches and the ease into the movements made this the best yoga class I’ve taken. Rachel also gently led me into deeper movements, and it made all the difference. I’ll definitely be back!!

Missy L.

Rachel’s Restore and Renew class is outstanding! Her voice is so soothing it melts all your problems away. You will become centered and ready to face any obstacles. After the class, you are bound to be renewed. I highly recommend this class!

Sarita D.

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April 1, 2019 For years, I was curious about yoga, but too intimidated to step foot into a studio. I didn’t think I was “yoga” enough. I didn’t own anything with an om symbol or Lululemon brand, and I didn’t look the part. Looking back now, I realize how wrong I was. Thankfully, the yoga … Continue reading Fear

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